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Zhangjiajie signed sister geoparks agreement with Xiangxi Geopark of China

    On the morning of June 21, a delegation from Xiangxi Geopark led by Mr. Peng Hua, the director of the Administrative Office of Xiangxi Geopark, came to visit Zhangjiajie UGGp and to communicate geopark management experience with the administrative staff of Zhangjiajie UGGp. The deputy chief of the Forest Bureau of Zhangjiajie City, Mr. Yang Wensheng, the deputy director of the Geopark Administrative Office of Zhangjiajie City, Ms Zhang Yin, the deputy director of Zhangjiajie UGGp Administrative Committee, Mr Yang Yong, and staffs in the Forest Bureau of Wulingyuan District participated the meeting. On the meeting, a sister geoparks agreement was signed by the representative of each geopark.  

Photo 1: The representatives of each geopark signed a sister geoparks agreement 

    Over the meeting, detailed communications and discussion are given from the participants of two sides on geoheritage protection, spreading and promotion of science-popularization knowledge on geopark, and sustainable development of tourism in each geopark. In particular, Mr Yang Yong, advised that after the two geoparks become sisters, more communications and cooperation, mutual studies on geopark protection and local economic development, and mutual promotion and propaganda of the two geoparks need to be effectively carried out, such that much wider tourism markets will be developed.  

Photo 2. Group photo of the participants of the meeting

   Xiangxi Geopark is located in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province of China, covering a total area of 2,710 km2.The geopark lies on the marginal slope in the east of Yunnan-Guizhou Karst Plateau. It is noted for the two GSSPs in the Cambrian system- the GSSP for Guzhangian Stage and the GSSP for Paibian Stage. The geopark also features some geosites, including the world's largest red carbonate rock Stone Forest and spectacular plateau incised platform-canyon group. These geosites are complemented by many other typical geological phenomena, such as typical geological tectonic events, the paleoglacier climate events and paleontological relics, which completely record the evolutionary history of the Yangtze Platform and the incision, fragmentation and disintegration process at the edge of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. The geopark's traditional ethnic minority culture perfectly combines with the natural ecology of platform-canyon to form a beautiful and harmonious living environment. The geopark has created a mysterious and unique ethnic cultural ecosystem in the Wuling mountainous area, which has attracted tourists from all over the world. A detailed introduction of Xiang Geopark is provied at the website


Photo 3. The major geoheritage sites in Xiangxi Geopark

   With the establishment of sister geoparks between Zhangjiajie UGGp and Xiangxi Geopark, the two geoparks will organize a series of mutual communications and learning on the effective approaches for geopark development and managment in a fixed or flexible time. In addition, cooperation, commuinication and mutual visits will be strengthened, particularly on the aspects of scientific communications, geological investigations, science popularization and education, sustainable development, so-sharing of scientific research results, staff training, and tourism markets development. By conducting these cooperations, the two geoaprks will be developed into the first-class ones and can achieve a more bright future. 

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